Bamboo Dappy Reusable Diapers in Denim - Single Piece with 2 Inserts

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Bamboo Dappy

Made of 70% bamboo fabric, 30% organic cotton and waterproof polyester. Secure adjustable snap-fit system. Good for infants and toddlers, up to 15 kilos. Includes 2 x 4-layer hybrid cloth pad.

Unlike disposables, which are mostly made of synthetic materials, composed of
chemicals that results to rashes and allergies, and decomposes after at least 250 years in a landfill, Bamboo textile and cloth diapers are being used by babies worldwide because of these advantages:

1. Bamboo is an organic material that is easily absorbed back into the environment
    once it is used up, making it biodegradable and decomposes within 6-8 months.
2. Highly absorbent material – 60% more than cotton
3. Hypoallergenic – natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions. Bamboo                material helps to regulate temperature so your baby’s bum will never feel too warm      in Singapore’s humid climate, reducing possibility of a nappy rash. 
4. Has medical and anti-bacterial qualities and can preserve this even after 50
5. Helps get rid of diaper rash, decreased circulation, sores from waste
6. Bamboo fiber is naturally round without sharp spurs to irritate the skin, which
    made it softer than those made out of synthetic materials.

So every time parents use Bamboo Dappy, they:
1. Help preserve our environment for children to enjoy
2. Prevent skin rashes and allergies
3. Save a lot of money from buying disposables. Parents can save at least SGD
2,000 if they use Bamboo Dappy full time in 3 years.

Plus babies are potty trained earlier if they use cloth diapers!

Set includes: 1 x outer shell, 2 x inserts