Our Design


More than just a baby bed box, it is a cutting-edge technology thoughtfully designed by American leading child-injury prevention specialists, pediatricians, and packaging experts. After having gone through three years of development, collaboration and rigorous testing, a safe sleeping space for your baby is finally born. 

Adora Box Infographics


Your baby's safety is our priority, without compromising style and flexibility 

  • Lightweight and portability allows you to move your baby from room to room without waking her
  • Suitable for Singapore homes with limited space
  • Slanted sides of the box promotes increased airflow
  • Handle inserts covers the holes and protects your fingers, as well as your little one's
  • Safe sleep is now an easy and convenient choice 


Made only from the best 

  • All components are made in the USA
  • Green product which means it can be recycled and re-purposed when your baby outgrows it
    • 0-6 months: Safe sleeping space for your little one 
    • 6 months onwards: Play area, cozy corner for your little one 
    • After she outgrows it: Storage box for precious keepsakes and memories
  • Box material is non-toxic and safe 
  • Ink used to print on box is non-toxic and safe
  • Mattress meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bassinet standards
  • Waterproof mattress repels liquid and prevents mold and bacteria growth
  • Bed sheet is made of 100% cotton 
  • BPA and phthalate-free handles protect little (and big) fingers


Rigorously tested to make sure it performs beyond its expectations

  • High carrying capacity: The bassinet can hold an average of 99.6 pounds without compromising its integrity
  • Withstanding diaper leaks and spills: 40 ml of water was poured into the bottom of the box and it was allowed to sit there for 5 minutes, followed by wiping it dry. A series of such experiments were conducted to simulate the average bladder capacity of a 6-month-old and average time her parent takes to get a towel to clean up the box and then putting her back in the box again. 
  • Humid conditions: To simulate the use of Adora Box in different conditions (indoors, outdoors, different climates), our boxes were tested in high humidity conditions (80% humidity, 35°C) as well as in the average humidity of an air-conditioned house (50% humidity) and it performed well. Singapore's humidity is 60% and up.

Baby Bed Box Singapore Testing