Q: What are the delivery rates for shipping in Singapore? 

A: We offer site-wide free delivery and you can expect to receive your Adora Box anytime in 2-4 days. Please click on Delivery & Shipping to find out more. 

Q: Can I self-collect my order?

A: Yes, we welcome you to come down to our humble office at Northstar@AMK to self-collect your orders. Find the full address here. 

Q: I already have a crib. Why do I still need an Adora Box? 

A: An important step to safe sleeping to reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) which includes SIDS is to have your baby sleep in the same room as you for the first 6 months at least. However, we understand that due to small rooms and space constraints that most of us face, we are unable to fit a full-sized baby cot in our master bedrooms. This is where Adora Box solves that problem in an economical way. With our safe baby bed boxes, you can have your infant close to you at all times and have them sleep in the same room as you, at least for the first 6 months without making your master bedroom a nursery. 

Furthermore, cribs are great but they are not portable. Parents wish to keep their babies close by during nap times so they can keep a watchful eye over their babies. To do this, they will need a safe and convenient place for their babies to sleep in wherever they might be. With Adora Box, you can put your baby safely to sleep wherever you happen to be. 

Q: Where should my baby sleep after 6 months? 

A: A crib. After the first six months, baby is ready to move to a bigger space that's still safe. That's crib time :)

Q: What is your baby bed box made of? 

A: Our Adora Box is made of cardboard. Yes. Cardboard, you heard that right. Contrary to popular belief that cardboard makes that product less good, here is why cardboard is actually the ideal material to make the baby bed box. 

1. Cardboard is lightweight 

Our Adora Box with its mattress and sheet already inside, weighs less than 1 Kg. That is light enough for practically anyone to carry, including grandma or grandpa, heck, even great grandma and great grandpa. 

2. Cardboard is strong

Our baby bed boxes have gone through rigorous testing and they can safely carry up to 100 pounds, or approximately 45 Kg. Although your average 6-month-old only weighs 7-8 Kg, you can be rest assured that the box can withstand way more weight than you require it to. 

3. Cardboard is portable 

Because cardboard is lightweight and strong, you can move it around easily whenever you need to. The top reason why people weren't using safe sleep spaces for their infants because it wasn't convenient, and babies died in unsafe sleeping environments. So now with Adora Box, you have no excuse to not create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. 

4. Cardboard holds less carbon dioxide

This will get a bit science-y but..we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Simply put, carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen hence carbon dioxide tends to sink and pool around our faces when we sleep and exhale. For big humans like ourselves with mature neurological systems and since we naturally shift around as we sleep, we move away from the carbon dioxide pool and mix it back into the air easily. However, for our little humans, they can’t move away from the carbon dioxide pool as easily. That creates a difficulty for them to breathe. Worse still, carbon dioxide will collect in the nooks and crannies of soft materials, making the pooling worse. Hence it’s really important for babies to sleep on their backs so that they are farther from the pool, and on a firm mattress, which holds less carbon dioxide. Cardboard is rigid, smooth and holds less carbon dioxide than your soft beds. That makes it a safer choice for babies. Unbeknownst to many parents, many of the popular baby beds are also unsafe sleeping spaces for your baby, so always check to make sure they adhere to safe sleeping standards.

5. Cardboard is green 

Our baby bed boxes are made from 30% recycled cardboard, and even after your baby outgrows it, it can be recycled or re-purposed into other good uses like a play area for your toddler or a storage box. 

Who would have thought that humble, and very "normal" cardboard could have brought so many amazing benefits to us mummies and our babies?

Q: Am I able to choose the items that goes inside Adora Box? 

A: Currently we offer 3 options - Adora Box, Adora Box of Essentials and Adora Gift Box. The items we include in each box are fixed and you will not be able to customise them as of now. However, the items we picked out to be included in our boxes are all thought through carefully and we only decided on them because they are items that all new mums will use and they will come in handy. Furthermore, having more than one of those items would not hurt and will come in handy on laundry day. Hence, we recommend it to all expecting parents, new parents and people who are looking for thoughtful gifts because our boxes offer a one-stop solution where our new mummies can get most of what they need to kick-start their journey of parenthood, all in one box. 

To give our customers the best value, our bundled boxes deliver way more value than the price we are selling for (15-20% cheaper than purchasing each item separately!) and we ensure that our customers get more than what they paid for.