About Us


We are obsessed with bringing safe sleep to newborns of new parents like yourself while adding value to your daily life. At Adora Box, we try to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by promoting safe sleep with our baby bed boxes and at the same time, bring convenience, assurance and more time to you. Adora Box is designed specially for infants 0-6 months, the period where they are the most vulnerable and where SIDS occur most rampantly. 90 percent of SIDS cases occur in babies under the age of 6 months, and we never know when it will happen, or who it will happen to. Always follow the safety guidelines when it comes to putting our darling little ones to bed, and that includes a safe sleeping space. 

Parents sleeping with baby in Adora Box


At Adora Box, we have also tied up with other brands that mums trust and adore to bring you the best value with our Adora Box of Essentials. To make this possible, we work closely with our partners and our customers get to save up to 20% Baby Bed Box Great Value when they purchase our bundles, instead of buying each item individually. We are working hard everyday to make great partnerships possible so that we can bring more value and more choices to all our new parents. 

Our Partners:

Adora Box - Pip&GrowAdora Box - AVO Babies Adora Box - MOBY WrapAdora Box - Human NatureAdora Box - Chou&ChouAdora Box - Babyleaf