What are the Benefits of Adora Box?

If you are considering to get a portable crib for your newborn baby, Adora Box is a great choice.

Our baby bed boxes are made for babies 0-6 months, like most other portable cribs and beside cribs. The reason is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, happens the most commonly among babies 1 to 4 months. Majority, about 90% of SIDS deaths occur before a baby reaches 6 months of age. Hence, a safe sleeping area for your newborn to sleep in the first 6 months and taking preventive measures for SIDS is especially important. Our baby bed boxes are designed by infant safety experts, pediatricians and packaging experts in the US so as to bring you the most tested and safest sleeping space for your baby. 

3 Biggest Benefits of Adora Box

1. 100% safe for your baby 

We always emphasize that Adora Box is crafted using the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This helps us ensure that our baby bed box is made with all the proper standards that a good crib for a baby must meet, and has what it takes to be safe for your baby so that you and your baby can enjoy a good night's sleep. 

As mentioned above, our box is also designed and made by infant safety experts, pediatricians and packaging experts US that are in the field for a substantial amount of years. Their calling is to save babies, treat babies, and prevent any preventable accidents that can happen to infants. That is why they created the Adora Box, which has gone through trials and tests so as to make sure babies using it are in completely safe hands. 

Here are some carefully thought through features of Adora Box that ensures the baby bed box is safe for both parent and infant:

  • Smooth, non-toxic corrugate and firm mattress reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) rebreathing 

One of the common causes of SIDS is CO2 rebreathing. It is the act of breathing in carbon dioxide that has been exhaled by the infant, or the mother in bedsharing situations. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen, carbon dioxide sinks and pools around our faces as we sleep. This is no problem for adults, who have mature neurological systems. We shift and turn in our sleep, so we automatically move away from the pool of CO2. However, in infants, their neurological system is still developing and they are unable to shift themselves away easily. This is a problem as they are not taking in enough oxygen required, and may lead to suffocation. Furthermore, carbon dioxide also collects in the nooks and crannies of soft materials (soft-sided sleepers, pillows, blankets, soft mattress, etc.) and this makes the CO2 pooling worse. This is also why it is not advisable to put blankets, soft toys, pillows, around the infant as it is easy for the infant to rebreathe the carbon dioxide she exhaled in the event she is trapped around them. It is also very important to always put the infant to sleep on her back, as she will be further away from the CO2 pool as compared to sleeping on her side or tummy.

As our baby bed box is made of corrugate that is smooth and non-toxic, there are no holes to allow carbon dioxide to collect and pose as a danger to the infant. Also, the mattress that comes with Adora Box is of just enough firmness so that your infant will not sink into it and allow carbon dioxide to pool around her face, and yet still very comfortable to sleep in. 

  • BPA and phthlate-free handles to protect both small and big fingers

 Handles that are free of the two most common toxic chemicals are put in place in our Adora Box, so as to make carrying the box much easier for parents and at the same time protect little wandering fingers that are oh-so-eager to explore their cozy sleeping corner.

  • Astonishing weight limit of 100 pounds 

Adora Box has gone through testing to make sure that the baby bed box can carry the weight it is required to. In fact, during testing, it was revealed that our baby bed box can carry up 5 times the weight it is required to! What do we mean? Our baby bed box is meant to carry babies 0-6 months old. The average weight of a 6-month-old baby is 8 Kg. However, Adora Box can hold up to 100 pounds, which is equivalent to approximately 45 Kg, which is more than 5 times of 8 Kg! Now you know that our box is able to carry much more than it is required to. 

This may come as a surprise to many of you reading this, but in actual fact, cardboard is an extremely strong and durable material that many of us has been taking for granted. Cardboard can be even used to make furniture, and be even more long-lasting and stronger than the commonly used plastic. 

  • Safety guidelines printed on Adora Box, so anyone putting baby to sleep is reminded

We understand how sometimes it is not Mummy or Daddy who puts your little one to sleep, but maybe a caregiver or grandparent. So, as to ensure that anyone putting your little one to sleep is reminded of the correct ways to put your baby to sleep, the 3 simple rules of safe sleep is conveniently printed on the box clearly for everyone to refer to. 
Safe Sleep Guidelines Adora Box

2. Affordable portable crib

Raising a baby costs a bomb, we understand. That is why this innovation is so important to all parents. Not only is Adora Box practical, it is also affordable. Portable cribs have been known to cost at least $150 and can go up to three, four, and five hundreds of dollars! Isn't that crazy?

Portable cribs usually fall under the category of Non Full-Sized Cribs, and they usually fit babies from 0-6 months, which is pretty standard. And at the same time, since your baby is going to be using the portable crib for only that short while, there is absolutely no need to splurge on a portable crib. If you are looking for a simple crib that meets all your needs like sleeping near you at night to assist breastfeeding, sleeping next to or near your bed, able to be a daytime napping crib as well as a night time crib, etc, Adora Box is the best choice for you.

3. Zero-waste 

This third benefit of Adora Box is in line with our first company value, which is zero-waste. Firstly, Adora Box is made from recycled corrugate, and is also a recyclable product. Isn't that great? We are saving babies, and the Earth, all at the same time. 

Secondly, why is Adora Box a recyclable product? It can be repurposed into great uses even after your 6-month-old outgrows it, that's why. After the baby bed box is to small for your little one to sleep in, it can be transformed into a reading nook, play area or cozy corner for your little one to play in! And after your little one has fully outgrown her Adora Box, it can be used as a storage box, for all the precious keepsakes. 

Thirdly, just recycle it! After our Adora Box has served its purpose and your little one is now a young lady/young man, and you are ready to move on and bid Adora Box goodbye, just fold it, and send it to the recycling centre. How convenient! No need to look for buyers on Carousell, or relatives to pass it on to...

Why have an Adora Box when you already have a crib?

Let's face it. Sometimes we leave our baby on the couch, sofa or rocker during her daytime naps for a lack of a better place to put her to sleep. We think it is safe, since they cannot roll yet, or don't move much. However, what takes them away from us in that one instance can very much be prevented, if only we took the right precautions. The couch, sofa, or rocker are not safe places for your baby to sleep on. Sleeping on these spaces increases the risk of SIDS. With gaps and soft cushion, the risk of your baby being trapped in between and suffocated is increased. And if another person is sharing the couch or sofa with the infant, the risk is even higher. Rockers, bouncers, infant loungers are also unsafe sleeping gears, even if they claim to help your baby sleep wonderfully and are totally safe. Why is that so? Infants have not developed the strength to hold their head up, not until they are about 4 months old. When they are placed in a seated position in the rocker, bouncer, etc, they slump over. With your baby's chin resting against her chest, this can cause her to suffocate when her airways get constricted. 

The best place to sleep in is always the crib, with no soft toys, blankets or pillows around her. But we understand you cannot push your full-sized crib around the whole size. During daytime naps, then, we recommend your baby to sleep in our Adora Box, which is designed to be a safe and portable crib for your baby.