What is Adora Box

What is Adora Box?

"A baby in a box? What?! Well I have never heard of it....
While that looks absolutely adorable, how do I use this box? Is it SAFE?"  Said many parents when they just heard of this new concept that is introduced by Adora Box in Singapore.

In this blog post today, we are telling you all about Adora Box; What it is, how to use our baby bed box, how it is made for Singapore homes and why it is the best baby gear choice for parents living in Singapore.

What is Adora Box?

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Adora Box is a baby bed box, the first of its kind in Singapore and setting a noteworthy trend among the mums in Singapore. The name 'Adora Box' was inspired by the daughter of the founder, Clarice, who named this business after her daughter Adora. 

Clarice, founder of Adora Box

Adora Box aims to provide a truly safe sleeping space to all parents in Singapore through a baby bed box that is more than just a bed for the baby. It is also a life-saver, a convenient tool for the parents and caregivers, and a earth-loving product.

This concept of the baby bed box was not created by Adora Box. In fact, the baby bed box has been around since the 1930s, which makes it to be more than 80 years that the box is around. It originated from Finland, where it is a tradition for the government to distribute baby bed boxes to all expecting mums. Every baby bed box would come with items like clothes, towels, mattress covers, toys, and more. The baby bed box doubled as a box to hold the items and a bassinet for the newborn baby to sleep in. In order to receive such a box, the mums simply had to visit a doctor or clinic for their prenatal check up. 

Back then in the 1930s, the infant mortality rate in Finland was so high, 65 out of every 1000 babies born would die in their first year. Poor families could not afford proper clothing and parents slept with infants in their beds, which leads to a high risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Having a baby bed box meant that Finnish babies could sleep in the same room as their parents but on a separate bed, which is a recommended safe sleep practice. This initiative by the government -- the gift of safe sleep in a baby bed box coupled with the checkups has helped to reduce the infant mortality rate drastically. Today, Finland's infant mortality rate is the same as Singapore's infant mortality rate at 2 deaths per 1000 births. What a life-saver, right? 

How to Use Adora Box?

The concept of the baby bed box originated from Europe and since then, it has propagated to countries far from Finland and is becoming popular all around the world. However, if you've never heard of such a baby gear, you may wonder, "How do I use this interesting looking thing?"

Well, Adora Box is designed by infant by infant safety experts and made in the US. It is a lightweight, portable crib/bassinet/cot that parents can move anywhere around the home and even to and fro your parents' or in-laws' place. Weighing only 2 pounds (less than 1 Kg), Adora Box is easy to carry around with just one hand! Now, how many baby beds do you know that can do that? I'm guessing, not many. 

No matter where you are in the house, you can always have your baby in sight near you, resting in a safe space. For your note, a couch, baby rocker, and bouncers are NOT safe sleeping spaces for babies and could lead to SIDS. My take is, don't take the risk. Your baby's life is too precious for that. 

Adora Box is made for babies 0-6 months, but that doesn't mean your baby bed box goes to waste after your baby outgrows it. Even after your baby gets too old to sleep in Adora Box, they will still enjoy having their play time in their little cozy corner in an Adora Box. Don't be surprised at how attached they, and even you will get to our baby bed box, the cozy corner where they will spend the first 6 months of their life. 

What happens when they get too big for the box then? When they have fully outgrown the boxes (which is years later) you can choose to keep them as storage boxes for their toys and precious keepsakes, or simply fold it and feed it to the recycling bin. No need to worry about reselling it on Carousell or feeding it to the landfill. Simple. This is why our Adora Box is a Earth-loving product. When we say #zerowaste, we mean it and live it. 

Made for Singapore? How? 

Do you know what is the number one concern among the newly weds in Singapore? Getting out of mum's and mum-in-laws' house (just kidding). Also known as, getting their own flat.

In Singapore, the most common practice to getting your own house as a couple is called getting a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat. It is an exciting part of most couples' lives, until you realize the size of most BTO flats are so...tiny. Couples will be barely able to fit a full-sized cot into their master bedroom and still have room to walk. However, room-sharing (not bed-sharing!) with parents for at least the first 6 months to 1 year of infant's life is recommended as a safe sleep practice by experts.

Then, the question is, how can parents continue to room-share with their baby without compromising on the space in their master bedroom and still enjoy the benefits of sleeping together with their newborn? Our answer? Adora Box. 

Space-saving affordable, parents in Singapore can have their baby sleeping with them in the same room for at at least the first 6 months. In the day, Adora Box can be used as a napping area and can be placed anywhere near where the caregiver or parent is. Hence Adora Box gives parents the flexibility and mobility that one rarely gets with a newborn. 

Safety is the first and foremost priority that is on every parents' list. But what makes it better, is that the safety comes at an affordable price and parents do not have to create a big hole in their pocket to give their child the best. At Adora Box, we pride ourselves on creating the most affordable portable crib in the market that parents on the go or parents who simply appreciate the convenience will love. With parents already spending a ton of money on their kids, we do not need you to splurge another few hundreds of dollars on our product. Maybe you're prepared to do that, and we promise you it's worth that much, but we do not want you to. Save it for something else. We are simply happy with the fact that we are effecting change on new parents' lives and making the parenting journey easier and safer. When you win, Adora Box wins.