Adora Box: High Quality Baby Bed Box in Singapore and Why You Need It

What is a baby bed box? 

A baby bed box, like the name suggests, is a bed. For the baby. In a box! It is almost a century-old invention that originated from Finland. In Asia, it is just getting popular and our modern mummies are loving this back-to-basics, simple solution for a place for baby to sleep in during the day and night. As interesting as it sounds, it is also extremely useful and that is why it is the top choice among parents when it comes to choosing a crib or a space for babies to sleep in. 

Adora Box is the first to introduce such baby bed boxes of its kind, backed by scientific research and with a unique design. We are not just talking about its pretty Woodland design on the outside, but also the wholesome design of our Adora Box, with slanted sides for increased air ventilation, handles by the side to protect both baby's and Mummy's and Daddy's fingers, and many more thoughtful design features. 

High Quality Assurance and the Baby Bed Box You Can Trust 

Our baby bed boxes are designed by an infant safety expert and made in the US. It has gone through a thorough and thoughtful design process as well as put to rigorous tests, and to ensure that it is more than safe for your baby. After all, what could be more important than your baby's safety? 


The design of Adora Box stands out from the other baby bed boxes on the market because of its unique design that is patent pending as we type! 

1. It has slanted sides to promote better airflow 

Portable Crib with Good Airflow

This is to ensure that even in a warm climate like Singapore's, our babies will enjoy good ventilation and be comfortable in their box. Having a good airflow and ensuring the baby is not too warm is an important part of preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Hence, understanding fully what you are buying into for your baby to sleep in and/or use is a responsibility on your part as the parent and Adora Box aims to make this process as simple and quick for you. 

2. BPA and phthalate-free handles to protect small (and big) fingers 

Baby Bed Box Singapore

Fitted with BPA and phthalate-free handles, parents no longer need to worry when little fingers wander around the box and if they would get paper cuts. It is also a very useful addition for parents, making it easy and comfortable to carry the baby bed box around.

Not only that, the handles being BPA and phthalate-free means that it is absent of these two harmful chemicals which are unfortunately, very common chemicals, even in baby and kids goods. BPA is used in hard and clear plastics and can be found in for example, baby bottles. Phthalate, on the other hand, is used to make plastics soft and flexible. They can be found in baby items, for example, pacifiers, and even baby shampoo. Too much exposure to BPA and phthalates may cause developmental issues and adverse effects on the human health. Hence, we try our very best to ensure that Adora Box is 100% safe for baby and parents.

3. Safe and non-toxic ink

Non-toxic and safe ink for babies

The ink used for the printing of our baby bed boxes are safe and non-toxic for both babies and adults alike. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are 100% safe for both babies and adults, so we drill down to every detail of our box and make it happen. 

4. The best mattress choice for your baby 

Baby Bed in Singapore

The mattress that comes with our baby bed box is the CertiPUR Certified foam mattress. Our BPA-free waterproof mattress with the right firmness helps to save the mattress from diaper leaks and gives your baby the ideal and safe sleeping environment your baby needs.

Along with the baby bed box and mattress, we also provide the fitted sheet to go with the mattress. Our 100% cotton sheet means that your baby is sleeping on a breathable surface and ensuring that your baby stays cool on warm days and warm on cooler days. How cool is that? Cotton also has a ton of other great properties like being super soft, making it comfortable for your little one to sleep on. It is also super strong, and its strength just increases when it gets wet, allowing you to wash it over and over again without any damages to it, and not to fret, even if some pee gets on it. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, and such properties are great for babies' skin, whose skin is more sensitive. So no worries about any skin irritation or allergies. Last but not least, cotton is easy to care for. Just wash, and reuse! No need for any ironing in between. 100% cotton? Even better. 


"Is your baby bed box safe? Are you sure it can hold the weight of my baby? It is made of cardboard. The material does not seem that good.."

WAIT! Before you chime in agreement, there is a reason why baby bed boxes are used for almost a century, and have been helping to lower the infant mortality rates in Finland since the 1930s. 

At Adora Box, we understand the concern parents may have when they come across our unique portable cribs and it is more than understandable that parents hesitate to let their baby sleep in our baby bed boxes because it does not look like the normal cribs people have been using. Just like you, we are parents ourselves and nothing is more important than keeping my baby safe and knowing they are in good hands at all times. That is why Adora Box is tested, both in the labs and with real families to ensure that our product is more than safe for you and your baby's use. 

1. Weighs 2 pounds, and can hold 100 pounds

Adora Box Singapore Safe

Our baby bed box has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that it is more than safe for babies. Adora Box is a lightweight crib, weighing only 2 pounds (or almost 1 Kg). When testing was done on the box, our box could actually hold an astonishing 100 pounds (or more than 45 Kg). Imagine that! Your 6 month old baby only weighs a maximum of 10 Kg, but it is good to know that your crib is trusted to hold at least 4 times that weight. In fact, being able to hold 100 pounds puts our baby bed box as the portable crib with one of the highest weight limit in the market. 

2. Crafted using US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) bassinet safety standards

This is something you should look out for when purchasing your baby's products, or even any product, for that matter. The CPSC works to reduce risks and injuries caused by consumer products. Crafting our product by these standards ensures that the baby bed box meets those standards and is more than safe for use.

3. Water-repellent property makes cleaning up easy 

Baby Bed Box Singapore Water Repellent

What happens when your baby has a diaper leak or spill in his baby bed box? Won't the baby bed box get wet? The answer to this question is.. no! Our waterproof mattress serves as another layer of protection before water could reach the bottom of the box. And at the same time, our baby bed box has a water repellent quality that allows water to sit on it. 

4. Able to withstand humid conditions 

Singapore has a humid weather at an average of 70% that we are in a love-hate relationship with. Hate it when it makes us all sweaty and sticky, yet glad that because of the humid conditions, our faces and lips are not dry and cracked all the time.

Adora Box went through tests at high humidity of 80%, and at a humidity of 50% (similar to an air-conditioned room) and did well in both simulated conditions. 

Why we are the perfect baby gear for your baby? 

We believe that we are solving many of the challenges that parents in Singapore face these days. Firstly, small homes in Singapore makes it difficult for parents to fit a full-sized crib in their own master bedrooms, hence having a small crib would allow parents to room-share with their babies safely at night without compromising any space they have left. Furthermore, since our cribs are so portable, they can be shifted around easily without any hassle.

Secondly, having to get multiple beds for their baby so that the baby has a place to sleep in their own homes, their parents' home, and in-laws' home is not only a waste of money but also a waste of space! Adora Box solves that in an economical way as our single crib can be used anywhere and everywhere, literally. It is not bulky unlike other portable cribs, and is so easy to move and pack.

Thirdly, not having a safe and suitable area for baby to nap in during the day not only poses danger to the baby, but also stress to the parent and caregivers. The sofa, couch, rocker or bouncer are NOT SAFE sleeping spaces for babies. Adora Box serves as a great day time napping area that can be shifted around easily so that caregivers and parents can always watch over little darling no matter where they are in the house.