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 Safe and Portable Sleep Space. Giving you a watchful eye over your baby anytime, anywhere.

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Designed by Infant Safety Experts

Designed by Infant Safety Experts

These are the amazing women behind the baby bed box. Created by women who are experts in their fields of child safety and most importantly, mothers themselves. This product have served countless families in the US and Adora Box is proud to be working with them to bring these game-changing baby bed boxes to you.

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Made in US

Made with recyclable materials to produce our baby bed box that is also recyclable. After baby outgrows it, it can be re-purposed into a cozy corner, reading nook, play area, storage box, you name it!

Adora Box undergoing Testing

Tried & Tested

Our baby bed have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that it is more than safe for your little one. Weighing only 1 KG, this box can hold up to 45 KG of weight! So rest assured it can safely hold your 6-month-old inside with no problem. Besides, it has already been serving many families in the US!

Giving the gift of safe sleep

Is your baby sleeping safely?

Having a newborn baby in the family feels like an event that happened a long time that my daughter is already turning 2 years old. Looking at the new families built around me, it brings me back to the times when Adora was still teeny-weeny and could fit in my single arm.

As a young baby, she was sleeping 80% of the time (never happens nowadays) and hence her sleeping environment was especially important. I think all parents can agree that safety of your child comes first, above anything else.

To make sure parents are reminded of safe sleep practices everytime they put their darling to bed, we have safe sleep guidelines printed on the headboard of your little one's bed.

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